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Past Workshops

Videos of ONWARDS presentations are posted shortly after each session. To protect attendees’ privacy, we do not record panel discussions or Q&A segments where personal information is discussed.

Video: Building a professional network

By Jonathan Miller | March 1, 2024

Americans like to believe that anyone can succeed if they work hard enough. But in reality, no one can succeed alone, especially in a new country. In this webinar, you will learn how to use LinkedIn and other tools to build a network to connect you to information, opportunities, and other people who can help […]

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Video: Maintaining your mental and emotional health

By Jonathan Miller | February 9, 2024

Displacement brings many stresses that can trigger mental health crises. In this recording, you will hear about strategies for staying mentally healthy and learn about resources that can help you to deal with issues when they arise. Presenters are Dr. Craig L. Katz, professor of psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York […]

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Video: Finding and making the most of fellowships and residencies

By Jonathan Miller | January 19, 2024

Short-term fellowships and residencies can be a lifeline for artists, human rights advocates, and scholars as they lay the groundwork for long-term stability. Presenters in this session are Ya Yun Teng, Program Officer at the Immigrant Artist Resource Center at the New York Foundation for the Arts; Nazanin Nozoori, artist and recipient of numerous fellowships; Zerxes Spencer, Director […]

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Video: Finding and applying for non-academic jobs

By Jonathan Miller | December 8, 2023

This workshop is designed to help displaced writers, artists, scholars, and rights defenders understand how to navigate the US job market. Presenters include career coaches Molly Balk and Christopher Riley of Upwardly Global and Afghan “artivist” Omaid Sharifi of PEN America/ARC and ArtLords. Among the topics covered are how to find jobs that are compatible with […]

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Video: Finding and applying for academic jobs

By Jonathan Miller | November 17, 2023

This video is designed to help you prepare for finding a job in higher education. Presenters include Valerie Sutton (former director of career services, Harvard Graduate School of Education), Kathryn Libal (director of the Gladstein Family Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut), Raza Rumi (Hunter College, Ithaca College, Cornell University), Zuhal Yilmaz (UC […]

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